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We regret to advise that Kevin Lowe, who has been associated with Limestone Downs since the inception of the The C. Alma Baker Trust in 1981, died suddenly on 19 June.  

Kevin was a graduate of Massey University and, after a stint as a Farm Adviser, returned to the University as a member of the Department of Farm Management programme.  Kevin remained at Massey from the 1970s to 1990s, becoming an Associate Professor in Farm Management and Supervisor of the Massey farms.  He subsequently became a farm consultant and moved to Auckland. Over more than 35 years, Kevin made a major contribution as Farm Supervisor for Limestone Downs and as a Director of the C. Alma Baker Trust (NZ).  

Kevin had a major role in the development of Limestone Downs, leading it from an extensively farmed “station” to a subdivided and intensively farmed property over the 1980s.  Kevin was a significant contributor to the growth of the dairy beef industry and an advocate for animal breeding on the basis of performance.  In recent years, he also had a leading role in the re-development of the Kaawa flats and the related dairy conversion.  Kevin was totally committed to Limestone Downs and loyal to those who worked on the property.  Kevin’s distinctive humour and laconic style were hallmarks of the annual Open Days at the farm

The Trustees and Directors acknowledge Kevin’s pivotal role in the development and management of Limestone Downs, and extend their sympathy to his wife, Anne, and to the members of his family.