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Limestone Downs Open Day 2021

Date: Tuesday 16 February 2021
Start time: 10.00 am at Woolshed

Speakers will present in the morning. There will be a farm tour in the afternoon.

Topics to be covered:

10.20 - Farm performance – Paul Mahoney and Mike Sarich

10.50 - Proof that sheep don’t like wet feet – Rene Corner Thomas (Massey University)

11.10 - Knowing when blowfly numbers are going to explode – Paul Brett (Massey University)

11.30 - How much soil is lost following winter crop grazing on hill country? – Lucy Burkitt (Massey University)

11.50 - Can hill country farms be carbon neutral? – Sinead Leahy (Director, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre).

There will be time for questions at the end of each talk.

12.30 - Lunch


  • If possible, bring a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Motorbike helmets are required on quads, no passengers are allowed and no riding on the back of farm utes is permitted.
  • Farmlands are kindly putting on a barbeque for lunch or you can bring your own packed lunch.
  • Tea and coffee will be provided.
  • We will proceed wet or fine, so wet weather gear may be needed.

Paul Mahoney
Limestone Downs General Manager